Basilica of St. John The Baptist

Basilica of St. John The Baptist

Canton, Ohio
4 manuals, 76 ranks
Pipe Organ Specifications

Basilica of St. John the Baptist

Canton, OH

This 76 rank instrument is well developed with romantic roots, balanced choruses, and rich in tonal colors. Completely encased in the gallery, the organ enjoys ideal placement. The Great, Swell and Choir are located at impost level with the Solo above in the center. The Pedal is at the left side. The facade consists of the Great Violone, Great Principal and Pedal Octave. Of special note are the Kegg Ensemble stops appearing on the Solo.

The specification is very complete and holds forth well in this James Renwick building, enjoying 4+ seconds of reverberation. This vibrant church enjoys a rich tradition and history of classical music and liturgy.

Robert Sullivan, Organist and Director of Music
Rev. Ronald M. Klingler, Pastor

The Nave console is a slave to the main Gallery console. It is able to control the entire organ through remote general pistons. There is a display that indicates which general piston has been pressed. Either keyboard is able to play any of the 5 manual divisions, selected by tilting tablets and by pistons located in the divisional areas. Any couplers drawn by the general pistons will work. Thus, you can select a general piston and move between manual divisions with the selection of a thumb piston, just as you would between keyboards on the large console.

While this is not a recital console, it allows compact and inexpensive control of the large instrument from the nave on those occasions which require it.

Below are a few photos of details and during installation of this instrument. Many thanks to Bobby Sullivan, Basilica of St. John the Baptist Music Director for some of these. The last photo shows the students of the 2004 Pipe Organ Encounter from Duquesne University of Pittsburgh who visited the Kegg shop for seminars during the Encounter and then went through and played the St. John's organ. Included in this group is Nathan Laube, concert artist. Nathan has also played this organ in concert. Of the organ he said,"I can't tell you what a privilege is was for me to make music on your exquisite instrument at St. John's in Canton! This is a truly remarkable, sensitive, even poetic instrument - one that at no time was not a complete joy to get to know! Congratulations!"

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