Quiet, solid, beautiful consoles are a Kegg hallmark. Real wood is used throughout including stop knobs. Keys are laminated to eliminate warping, and covered in ebony or rosewood and polished bone. Drawknob control is standard, as is a multi-level combination action and an adjustable bench. Controls are placed where they are expected and feel right. Toe pistons are placed on ergonomically correct curved wings.


Consoles are accessible from the front for maintenance, so they can be placed in a pit or surrounded by a rail. Integral casters or a platform can be provided when a console needs to be movable. A custom console designed for your specific needs is always a welcome challenge. The subtle signs of quality, such as a music rack in plate glass and not plastic, can be seen in every Kegg console. Even the smallest consoles have all finest appointments. Always using traditional draw knobs, 1 manual or 5, there is only one quality level: The very highest.