Turned wood stop knobs being made at Kegg Pipe Organ Builders

This video shows the four steps taken to make turned wood organ stop knobs on a Rowland custom CNC lathe in the Kegg shop.

Deagan Vibraharp restoration by Kegg Pipe Organ Builders

Kegg Pipe Organ Builders has restored a 49 note Deagan Vibraharp made in 1935, for the American Organ Institute of the University of Oklahoma at Norman, OK.

The Moller Artiste pipe organ player roll perforator

The M.P. Moller Artiste fully automatic pipe organ roll player was introduced in 1927.

Kegg Pipe Organ Builders

Take a virtual tour of the Kegg company where you will see pipe organs being built and installed.

Kegg restoration of Moller player organ

Kegg Pipe Organ Builders have restored a 1933 Moller Artiste player residence organ.

Kegg Pipe Organ installation

installation of the Kegg pipe organ at Texas A&M International University at Laredo