Ensemble Stops

Kegg Pipe Organ Builders has recently introduced a new class of pipe organ stop we call Ensemble.  Not stops in the traditional sense, these stops collect or combine stops from throughout the organ to a new location for a specific purpose. For example, the Solo Diapason 8' III found in our instrument at University Presbyterian Church, Buffalo, NY draws the Great Principal 8', the Great Octave 4' played down one octave at 8', and the Pedal Diapason played also at 8'.  This stop draws 3 diapasons playing at 8' pitch that could not be played together like this in any other way.  In cases such as String Ensemble, Unison Ensemble and Reed Ensemble, stops are drawn from the entire instrument and played usually on a 4th manual, without resorting to couplers.  For example, drawing the String Ensemble on the Solo manual will play all the 8' string stops from every division of the organ providing a massed string effect frequently played in romantic literature and worship, while leaving all the string stops to play from their normal home, in a normal manner.  An example of this can be found in our instruments at St. John The Baptist Church in Canton, Ohio, and Texas A&M International University, Laredo, Texas.

Innovative organists will find these stops very useful to discover new sounds or more easily create effects they need without coupling up an entire instrument.  This is all possible through the use of the much copied Kegg wind chest design and control system.