Superlative work on our organ!

Dr. Douglas Moorehead, Organist, Christ Church, Eureka, CA

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"I am most impressed by your ability through your voicing to give a seamless buildup from the quietest sounds to full organ. Also, with only 31 ranks to work with, the interplay among the different stops is amazing: everything seems to work with everything else!.......Your company did a magnificent job of matching the organ casework to our pre-existing old growth redwood color and patterning in the chancel area. It does indeed look like the organ was always there! The woodwork is of the highest quality, and the materials used were likewise. We appreciated your meticulous attention to detail, even down to the fine chest and inner chamber work which no one will even see. Even I can find my way around to various pipes, given your clear labeling and intelligent layout of pipes in the two chambers...........You have been very generous to us in financial terms also. Despite the economic downturn and huge increases in transportation costs, you held to the original terms of the contract and never spoke about any contingency costs. In fact, you even gave us an additional rank which was not even mentioned in the contract: the Swell 4' string stop. You also finished slightly ahead of your projected timetable. This was a huge benefit to Christ Church.............Thank you so much for all your work, and please convey my thanks and great appreciation to your employees; they have all done superlative work on our organ!"

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