St. Francis Auditorium, New Mexico Museum of Art

St. Francis Auditorium, New Mexico Museum of Art

Santa Fe, New Mexico
3 manuals, 35 ranks
Pipe Organ Specifications
The console as it appeared in the Kegg shop

We have built a new movable custom console for this historic organ with a case inspired by traditional Southwest designs and patterns. The work included complete rewiring of the organ, general cleaning, reed pipe refurbishment and new expression shade motors. This work was completed in September, 2021. The project was delayed in delivery due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.

St. Francis Auditorium, the organ case is to the left.

In September of 2022, we completed additional work on this organ including replacing one offset wind chest, refinishing the voicing including rebalancing, as well as installing a console lift to allow the console to be on stage for events.

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