Christendom College, Christ The King Chapel

Christendom College, Christ The King Chapel

Front Royal, Virginia
4 manuals, 47 ranks
Pipe Organ Specifications

Our new organ for Christ The King Chapel was completed in March of 2023. This monumental new building was opened to the public on April 14, 2023, which you see here, still under construction.

With an excellent rear gallery location, the organ speaks uninhibited into the gracious space. Generous scales throughout are underpinned by two 32' stops and a 16' Open Diapason in wood.

We are grateful to Dr. Kurt Poterack and Dr. Jeffery Alban for their continued support. Please stop in when you are in the Washington DC area and see this instrument.

Click below for a fine demonstration by David Catabui.

Click here to hear and see David Catabui demonstrate the Pedal Divide feature

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