First Baptist Church

Canton, OH

This 25 rank organ enjoys fine placement in this American Baptist church. The pleasant acoustic provides 2+ seconds of reverberation , and is very consistent from empty to full.

Both the Great and the Swell are under separate expression. The Great Principal 8' is the only manual stop unenclosed. The Great Gemshorn is a substantial stop. With the Rohrflute, it provides enough foundation to support the enclosed principal chorus without the Principal 8', when expression is required. This is a very present help in choral accompaniment. The Swell has all essentials including a Vox Humana which is most appropriate given the romantic nature of the instrument. The mixtures are light and balanced. The Oboe is not mild and provides a secondary chorus reed for lighter work. The Swell Trumpet is borrowed into the Great to facilitate this use of the Oboe.

Many have remarked that the organ has a very attractive "musical" sound, quite English in nature. The organ was dedicated by Frederick Swann.